Pastor’s Welcome

John ChoHello,

I’m John Cho, the Pastor of Sunshine Presbyterian Church. Thanks for visiting our website.
We welcome you to Sunshine Presbyterian Church (SPC) in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our church is wide open to everyone who comes searching for answers to their spiritual quest in life.
If you are new to Sunshine Presbyterian Church or are looking for a friendly Christian community, we hope this is a place where you can feel at home even if you have never been to church before. Do you desire meaningful change in your life? God desires for you to pursue that change. Nothing is impossible for God and He can change your circumstances, or change you to bring about solutions. Do you want to know how? Why not consider contacting us if you are struggling with an issue – you don’t have to go through it alone.
We are here to build a loving community where anyone can restore his or her dignity as a human being through a meaningful relationship with Jesus, where everyone can find Jesus as their Refuge, where everyone serves one another in full submission to God and grows to be strong and mature followers of Christ.
At SPC, we are committed to extending our hands in love to those outside of church, equipping Christ-followers with biblical truth for Christian service using their gifts and taking bold steps to make a difference in both our local community and the wider world in Christ.
It is my great joy to have you in our growing community and I hope to see you soon.

Pastor John Cho